Static site builders are a perfect match for modern static file hosts, but there is another way you can build a serverless blog as well. You could store and manage the structured data as JSON stored in the cloud and build it as an SPA.

Here's a complete tutorial on building a blog using mostly Firebase. A bonus feature could be having an image uploader via Cloudinary, a cloud function for Markdown processing, or storing and fetching files in S3 with Serverless.

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A web form could be used to log what you ate and the calories. Then you could chart the data and offer daily/weekly/monthly summaries.

Here's a barebones food log app using Firebase on CodePen Projects.

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What if a static site full of featured recipes offered a feature to let you send a text message of the complete recipe to your phone?

A cloud function to send an SMS message through Twilio is a great way to wet your feet with serverless technology. The Twilio Node Helper Library provides a simple example function you can put on something like StackPath and call with a simple form or through JavaScript.

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This classic app doesn't just have to be a demo. Your version could be personalized to your needs, or compete on features and UX with all the others out there.

TodoMVC has examples of how to build a to do app in loads of different JavaScript frameworks. Now it's your job to hook them up to a data store and add features.

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Imagine you have a database full of data you'd like to give people API access to. The functions to retrieve and format that data are a perfect fit for cloud functions. GraphQL is worth looking into here.

A Front End Developer’s Guide to GraphQL

How to Build a Serverless API with Amazon Web Services’ API Gateway.

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Tweets and Facebook Posts tend to do better when accompanied by an image, the legend goes. Perhaps that doesn't have to be a manual graphic design process, but can be automated. You could use a serverless function to turn a quote from an article's author into a beautiful graphic just by hitting a URL.

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