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Articles about things related to Serverless, JAMstack, and the whole ball of yarn.

What is Serverless all about?

by Jonatas Baldin

An overview of its history, basic concepts, providers, frameworks, benefits and drawbacks.


Serverless Cost Calculator

by Peter Sbarski

Calculating cost for AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and IBM OpenWhisk.


Why Serverless Architecture is Changing Software Development

by David Wells

Explore different use cases for building microservices with Serverless technology. The talk will include real world serverless examples from companies & the open source world.


Building a Web Store with GraphQL, Stripe, Mailgun and the Serverless Framework

by Søren Bramer

Explore the benefits of GraphQL over REST, and build a feature rich webshop using Graphcool and the Serverless Framework.


Node.js APIs on AWS — the pros and cons of Express versus Serverless

by William Woodhead

Outlines the pros and cons of Express and Serverless and explains why it made sense for our team at Pilcro to switchover. This piece is aimed at tech teams looking to deploy and manage Node.js APIs on AWS (or similar).


Introducing The Serverlist: Cloudflare's New Serverless Newsletter

by Connor Peshek

The Serverlist newsletter highlights all things serverless, with content that covers news from the serverless world, tutorials to learn how to get involved yourself, and different events you can attend.


A crash course on Serverless with Node.js

by Adnan Rahić

Think about only using functions. No more managing servers. You only care about the code. Sounds rather cool. We as developers shouldn’t need to do the tedious work on the command line. Let the ops guys handle that. What do we even call this type of architecture? Only using functions? Small functions? Tiny services?


A Serverless CMS Architecture

by Aerobatic

Who has time to babysit servers? Not me. I have code to write, and customers to keep happy. I could use just a static site generator like Jekyll, but we need more. I have important Internal customers - the marketing department. People that expect a nice web GUI for their CMS. How am I going to make that happen with a static website?


AWS Lambda vs Azure Functions vs Google Cloud Functions: Comparing Serverless Providers

by Rohit Akiwatkar

So how do you select the right serverless provider? The answer is in this article. Here we discuss the major serverless provider considering their technical empowerment which will help you to equally weigh the selection process directed towards your specific needs.


Say You Want To Run A Custom HTML Preprocessor on CodePen

by Chris Coyier

Let's do this all in JavaScript and utilize a serverless cloud function.


Exploring Data with Serverless and Vue: Automatically Update GitHub Files With Serverless Functions

by Sarah Drasner

How we set up the globe by making use of a Serverless function that gets geolocation data from Google for all of our speaking locations. I'll also run through how we're going to use Vuex to store all of this data and output it to the table and globe, and how we'll use computed properties in Vue to make sorting through that table super performant.


Building a Serverless E-Commerce App with AWS Lambda, Stripe and React

by Patrick Michelberger

Build a serverless e-commerce app using AWS Lambda, Stripe and React ensuring your website is ready for traffic peaks.


Powering BBC Online with nanoservices

by Matthew Clark

We’ve created a simple internal platform that allows nanoservices to be uploaded, as code. It then allows a nanoservice to be executed on demand, via a RESTful API. There are no containers or servers dedicated to each nanoservice; instead, they all run on a shared platform. Which for us is a set of auto-scaling cloud instances.


How to Build an Electronic Realtime Poll in 5 Steps

by Christian Nwamba

How to seamlessly add realtime features to your polling app using Pusher while visualizing the data on a chart using CanvasJS.


FaunaDB & JAMStack with Chris Anderson

by Justin Bennett

In this episode of React Round Up, Justin Bennett speaks with co-founder of Couchbase, Chris Anderson. Chris has been working with NoSQL databases for approximately a decade, and is currently working on FaunaDB, doing development outreach, while writing codes to connect with the different eco systems: Serverless, JAMStacks and React Native. He is also a blogger on a platform he calls ‘Serverless’ and enjoys decoding web applications and converting them to mobile.


Hooking Up Firebase to Your Redux Store

by Josh Carlson

A tutorial on building a ToDo app with React where the data is stored in Firebase connected to a Redux Store.


Serverless Tutorial: File Storage with Webtask and Cloudinary

by Christian Nwamba

Go completely serverless by deploying Functions to Webtask and storing media files on Cloudinary.


First Steps with Serverless

by David Wells

Take some baby steps into building things with Serverless. We'll mostly be looking at cloud functions here and how using them from an otherwise static hosting environment means you've unlocked all sorts of possibilities.


Learn how YOU can build a Serverless GraphQL API on top of a Microservice architecture

by Chris Noring

The idea with this article is to show how we can build microservices, dockerize them and combine them in a GraphQL API and query it from a Serverless function.


Getting into GraphQL with AWS AppSync

by Nader Dabit

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to take advantage of AWS AppSync, a managed GraphQL service, to build a full-stack application without writing a single line of back-end code.


InfoQ Podcasts on Serverless

by Various

Episodes like Pam Selle talking serverless observability, David Wells talking serverless.com, and Chris Swan on code validation in a serverless enviornment.


JAMStack: A Complete Beginner's Guide

by ButterCMS

An in-depth JAMstack guide for beginner's covering the foundations of JAMstack and a complete understanding of it's architecture. It compares the traditional workflow vs Jamstack and highlights the advantages of using Jamstack for developers. It also provides a real-time example of building a site using Jamstack for readers to use as a reference.



by Vitaly Friedman

You probably have heard of JAMstack — the new web stack based on JavaScript, APIs, and Markup — but what does it mean for your workflow and when does it make sense in your projects? We’ve kindly asked Phil Hawksworth to run a webinar explaining what JAMStack actually means and when it makes sense, as well as how it affects tooling and front-end architecture.


Serverless Showdown: AWS Lambda vs Firebase Google Cloud Functions

by Stephen Grider

2017 is shaping up to be the year of serverless computing, most notably through AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions created through Firebase.


JAMstack Radio

by Various

Episodes like Tanmai Gopal talking GraphQL querying, Kenton Varda talking originless code, and Ado Kukic talking auth.


Build a Serverless Link Shortener with Analytics Faster than Finishing your Latte

by Jeremy Likness

I decided to build a tool of my own, but I didn't want to spin up VMs and configure expensive infrastructure to handle the load of a ton of redirects going through my servers. So, I decided to go serverless: the perfect task for Azure Functions to take on!


Made With Serverless

by Simform

Architecture diagrams of serverless architectures.


Need to store some data?

by Chris Coyier

You can use things like localStorage or indexedDB to store data. But that data is only for the one person looking at your creation, it's not data stored in some permanent database that persists across time and sessions and all that. Need that? There are plenty of options. Also see options for getting/setting JSON data.


How we migrated our startup to serverless

by Ivan Montiel

Moving our startup to simple stateless serverless functions has a few hurdles, and AWS Lambda has a few quirks that requires some trial and error. But at the the end the journey, we managed to eliminate all of our EC2 instances and we’re now running all our code using AWS Lambda.


Build Nodejs APIs using Serverless

by Simona Cotin

Discover how to migrate an API of an existing app to Azure Functions. You'll learn how to use Visual Studio Code and the Azure Functions extension to speed up your work.


Developing Serverless Applications: A Practical Introduction with Apache OpenWhisk

by Raymond Camden

Serverless computing lets developers deploy applications to the cloud without having to provision or manage a server—or pay for a server when it's not in use. How to develop serverless code with Apache OpenWhisk, an open source serverless platform. You'll also get an introduction to OpenWhisk with Bluemix.


Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, declarative web APIs and truly serverless web endpoints

by Ada Rose Cannon

The thread which ties them together is getting communities of sites to work together across domains, but powered by the front end.


Web Push Notifications with Firebase

by Ire Aderinokun

A video series on how to use Firebase to set up a Web Push Notifications feature from client-side to server-side.


Serverless Payments with Stripe and AWS Lambda

by Yos Riady

In this tutorial, we will build a serverless payment application with Stripe and AWS Lambda.


How serverless reduced our costs by 70%

by Mohsiur Rahman

After a $30K invoice in September, our AWS bill for the month of December is projected to be less than $4,000. Just as important, the new approach is saving our developers hours per day with minimal monitoring.


I just deployed a serverless app — and I can’t code. Here’s how I did it.

by Andrea Passwater

I have discovered, AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework make it really not that hard to deploy an application.


Serverless Architectures

by Mike Roberts

But what is Serverless, and why is (or isn't) it worth considering? In this article I hope to enlighten you a little on these questions.


How to Build a Serverless Blog on CodePen

by Kitt Hodsden

Serverless opens up tons of possibilities for what you can build right on CodePen! Let's dig into this and build ourselves a fully functional blog.


Building a Serverless Comments System

by James Wren

In this post, we will create a simple serverless comment system to be used on a blog. Creating an application serverlessly has many benefits; reduced costs, little/no maintenance, a faster pace of development, implicit scalability, the list goes on. This example application will use some technologies provided by AWS to create a comment system that will be able to list comments from other users, post new comments and display posts from other users in real time.


Build a Custom CMS for a Serverless Static Site Generator

by John Polacek

What if I told you that you could build a Static Site Generator with your own custom CMS without the need for a database?


Building Your Next Serverless Application: The Complete Guide

by Wassim Chegham

Build a chatbot that's capable of extracting a text content from a picture (optionally translating it to different languages) and sending back the result to the user via SMS (or a phone call).


Building A Serverless Contact Form For Your Static Site

by Brian Holt

Learn the basics of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda and Simple Email Service (SES) APIs to help you build your own static site mailer on the Serverless Framework.


Serverless vs Containers: Comparing your Application Deployment Options

by Jignesh Solanki

The latest face-off between Serverless vs Containerization. Contrary to the general belief, both of these technologies have good things in common.


Serverless Podcast

by Various Hosts & Guests

This looks dormant since early 2018, but there are 5 episodes here to enjoy.


Serverless GraphQL with Netlify Dev

by Shawn Wang

GraphQL is often synonymous with the return of Monolithic architecture. Does this mean the benefits of Serverless are irrelevant? In this talk we explore how Serverless and GraphQL work together, explore ways to stitch individual function schemas, and get hard numbers to fight performance concerns.


A Serverless REST API in Minutes with the Serverless Framework

by Austen Collins

Get a REST API up and running quickly with the Serverless Framework by using a starter/boilerplate project called the Serverless Starter.


The Serverless Revolution for Everyone

by Pam Selle

FaaS (functions as a service) is a paradigm shift in cloud – we've moved from real servers (physical, data centers) to fake servers (virtualization, containers, etc.) to uploading code and allowing a provider to run it in response to events. Something is quite different there. It is, of course, not possible without the previous innovations and strides, but a shift nonetheless.


Build a "Serverless" SMS Hub in Under 7 Minutes with Node.js, StdLib, and MessageBird

by Jacob Lee

Walk through a simple example here of creating a StdLib service that responds to incoming messages. The end result will be fully customizable to support whatever SMS messaging functionality you require.


Introducing Postlight’s Modern Serverless Starter Kit

by Adam Pash

This starter kit adds a light layer on top of the Serverless framework, giving you the latest in modern JavaScript—ESNext (Webpack + Babel), testing (Jest), code linting (ESLint), and code formatting (Prettier)—plus the ease and power of Serverless.



by IOpipe

Should your EC2 be a Lambda? How much would you save by going serverless? Which of your applications can harness event-driven architecture, blazing-fast deployment, incredible scalability, and decreased cost of AWS Lambda?


Serverless Stack

by Anomaly Innovations

This starter kit adds a light layer on top of the Serverless framework, giving you the latest in modern JavaScript—ESNext (Webpack + Babel), testing (Jest), code linting (ESLint), and code formatting (Prettier)—plus the ease and power of Serverless.


Static Site with Hugo and Firebase

by Ariya Hidayat

While the content can be published to Firebase using its excellent CLI, a better approach is to have it fully automated. For doing this, first I set up a private repository on GitLab and make it as the remote origin for my local working repository.


Building a Static Blog Using Gatsby and Strapi

by David Kartuzinski

Learn how to deploy your Gatsby site to Netlify, host your Strapi Headless CMS and deploy a PostgreSQL database with Heroku and use Cloudinary for images. (Includes a repository, 13+ videos and complete code.)


The Cloudcast

by Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely

Episodes like A Serverless Look Ahead for 2019 with Paul D. Johnston who runs a serverless conference.


Creating an Image thumbnail generator using Vue, AWS, and Serverless

by Ramsay Lanier

Create a basic web application that uploads an image to an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket which will trigger an AWS Lambda function that will create several thumbnail images at different sizes. Once the images have been created, they'll be put into a different S3 bucket and rendered! We'll be using the Serverless framework to easily setup, manage, and deploy our AWS resources and lambda function. We'll be using Vue on the front-end to build several components.


The Unsung Benefits of JAMStack Sites

by Stefan Baumgartner

JAMStack sites are different. Instead of putting the CMS into the core of all your decisions, you focus on the Front-End. And for good reason. The browser doesn’t care what technology is underneath. It just wants cares about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So why shouldn’t you?


How to build a Serverless URL shortener using AWS Lambda

by Daniel Ireson

Build a serverless URL shortener using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda and S3.


Creating a Vue.js Serverless Checkout Form: Setup and Testing

by Sarah Drasner

In this four-part tutorial, we’ll go over how to set up a serverless function, make it talk to the Stripe API, and connect it to a checkout form that is setup as a Vue application.


What Is Serverless?

by Markus Mühlberger

The serverless computing concept is an up-and-coming execution model that tries to address the needs of modern, cloud-based software.


What is Serverless

by Sadek Drobi & Guillermo Rauch

A short video series with the Prismic and Zeit CEOs explaining Serverless, what it brings to the table, global deployments and how it allows to build scalable, fast websites.


What the Heck is Serverless?

by David Wells

Are there still servers involved? Of course, but you don't manage them, scale them, or pay for them when you aren't using them. It really is a different model that deserves a new name.