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Data Storage

Just because you've gone JAMstack doesn't mean you can't get data from a database or otherwise store and retrieve data.

Logo for 8base


Data storage, GraphQL access to that data, and easy Lambda deployment.

Logo for AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync

Fully managed database agnostic GraphQL API service with first-class support for real-time and offline.

Check out projects like Conference App in a Box which use AppSync to make comments real-time.

Logo for Airtable


Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible.

Logo for Cloud Firestore

Cloud Firestore

Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable database for mobile, web, and server development from Firebase and Google Cloud Platform.

Firestore is newer and Google encourages you more to use it over Firebase's original realtime database. Comparison.

Logo for FaunaDB


FaunaDB delivers the strong consistency, relational access, and data security you need without sacrificing the global scale and interface flexibility you want. It was thought to be impossible until we built it.

Runs everywhere you are: private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or serverless.

Logo for Google Firebase

Google Firebase

Perhaps Firebase's most useful and iconic feature is the realtime data storage feature. Once you connect, you can not only push data to firebase, but watch and respond to data changes.

Logo for Hoodie


A fast, simple and self-hosted backend as a service for your (web) apps, Open Source and free. No need to write server-side code or database schemas. Makes building offline-capable software a breeze.

Logo for JSONbin.io


JSONbin.io is a free JSON storage and JSON hosting service. It is an ideal solution for storing JSON data for small-scale web apps, mobile apps, or websites.

There is also JSONbin.org, which is very similar.

Logo for MongoDB


MongoDB Atlas is the cloud database. MongoDB Stitch is the serverless platform.

Logo for Para


Para is a flexible and cost-effective backend service that stores, indexes and caches your objects.

Logo for Realm Database

Realm Database

An open source alternative to SQLite and Core Data.

Logo for Sheetsu


Sheetsu helps you connect Google Sheets to anything - Web, Mobile, IoT or any service's API.

Google Sheets has an API directly, but it's not particularly easy to use. Sheetsu makes it less sheety. Get it. That's not their tagline I just wrote that.

Also look at Tabletop.js for an open source library to help with the Google Docs API.

Logo for n:point


JSON storage bins that won't break your app. Set up a lightweight JSON endpoint in seconds, then add a schema to edit your data safely at any time.