Logo for Arengu

Build signup and login forms with Arengu, enable social login, add 2FA or use passwordless flows to authenticate users with your API or identity provider.

Logo for Basin

Basin processes, delivers, and securely stores submission data and lets you easily manage all of your HTML forms with a single backend. Features include Zapier integration, spam filtering, auto-response emails (can be configured to send from your own custom domain), file uploads, custom email templates, and more.

Logo for FieldGoal

Don’t build a whole backend just for one stupid form.

FieldGoal provides form endpoints as a service, so your simple sites can stay simple.

Logo for Form2chat

Get your forms submissions directly to the chat platform of your choice - Telegram, Slack, Messenger or Viber are available. More is coming soon.

Setup can take less than a minute. Our additional features include Zapier integration, spam protection, auto-responses with custom templates, file uploads, and more.

Logo for Formaholic

Their tagline: Send your form to our URL and we’ll save it & send it to your email. No server side code required - perfect for static sites!

Logo for FormBackend

Easy to use form endpoints for your HTML forms. Point the action attribute to us and we capture your form submissions. We take care of spam, integrate with third party services, send out auto-responder messages etc.

Logo for Formcake

A form backend built for developers. Collect submissions and trigger webhooks, emails, and other actions. Free tier for solo developers, perfect for JAMStack, static, and API-driven websites.

Logo for Formcarry

Point the action attribute at Formcarry and it’ll handle the form processing for you. Notably, it has integrations with services like Zapier, Salesforce, Intercom, and Slack. It also has Webhooks to notify other services (which is nice for serverless architechtures).

Logo for Formkeep

Point the action attribute at Formkeep and it’ll handle the form processing for you. Integrates with services like Zapier, MailChimp, Slack, and Trello. Notable features include spam filtering and auto responders.

Logo for Formspree

You point action attribute like many of the other services, but the hook here is that you use your own email address in the URL, so you don’t even have to register.

Logo for Formstack

Payments. Integrations.

Logo for FormSubmit

Connect your form to FormSubmit endpoint and we’ll email you the submissions. No PHP, JavaScript or sign up required.

Logo for Form.taxi

If you have a static website with forms on it, form.taxi is the backend service for your HTML form to handle submissions in a simple and efficient way. Just connect your web form to the form.taxi endpoint, and it will take care of storage, spam filtering, and email notification.

Logo for formX

formX powers your forms and powers them up with analytics! Integrate with services such as Zapier, Slack, Trello, Salesforce, and more.

Logo for Getform

You point action attribute like many of the other services. Zapier integration. Spam filtering. File uploads. Data exporting.

Logo for HeroTofu

Jamstack friendly forms backend with an encrypted archive, email/Slack/Zapier submission notifications, and more. APIs that work with lambda functions to get GDPR/CCPA compliance and bot check.

Logo for Jotform

Has a drag and drop form builder.

Logo for Kwes

Build your own forms, but get cloud submission, validation, fancy field types, logic, and more.

Logo for Netlify Forms

Just add a ‘netlify’ attribute to any HTML form and we’ll start processing it. You can setup email, slack or webhook notifications from the admin panel!

Logo for Pageclip

Point the action attribute at a pageclip URL and it saves all the data for you. It can trigger an email notification, or makes the data available as JSON or CSV.

Logo for SmartForms

SmartForms is feature rich form backend as a service with custom response page, Zapier integration, Slack & Telegram notifier BOTs, spam protection and more!

Logo for Statickit

StaticKit provides zero-code serverless functions for front-end developers. Sites are configured via a “statickit.json” file that lives in your repository (alongside your website code) and deployed from the command line.

Logo for Typeform

Forms with a novel UI/UX where each question is essentially a full page view that slides by.

Logo for Web3Forms

Contact Forms for Static Websites. Receive form submissions directly in your email inbox without any server or back-end code. Web3Forms provides 1000 Monthly Submissions & Unlimited Forms for free.

Logo for Wufoo

Secure forms. API access to data. Reporting. Logic & Branching. Integrations.