CSS-Tricks Presents
The Power of Serverless
for Front-End Developers


The Major Providers

The biggest names in serverless, providing wide swaths of functionality.

Logo for Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Lambda (Cloud Functions), S3 (File Storage), Amplify Console (Hosting with CI/CD and HTTPS), AppSync (Realtime GraphQL), and Cognito (Auth) are probably the most relevant things to front-end developers.

There are frameworks that help you deploy to Lambda, like Amplify, Claudia, Functional Fleet, Serverless, and Architect.

Logo for Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

More of a major infastructure provider in vein of Amazon Web Services than a toolkit for building out an app like Firebase is.

Logo for Google Firebase

Google Firebase

Google Firebase is very powerful while being very easy to use. For example, you can run cloud functions, but you don't even need to for most data storage and retrieval or auth. It might be expensive to scale on though.

Logo for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

A major infrastructure provider with solutions for about just everything, and generally considered the least expensive. For working with cloud functions, there is an online editor, but it also allows GitHub sync and integrates directly with VS Code. Data storage is through Cosmos DB.

Logo for Netlify


Netlify is an all-in-one workflow that combines global deployment, continuous integration, and automatic HTTPS. Netlify allows you to build, deploy, and manage, modern web projects with local development, functions and smooth development experience.

Logo for ZEIT


Now is a global deployment network built on top of all existing cloud providers. It makes teams productive by removing servers and configuration, giving you a seamless developer experience to build modern scalable web apps.