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Hello, Service? Are you still there and doing what you should be doing?

Logo for Dashbird

Their tagline: AWS Lambda monitoring, alerting and debugging made easy. 2-min setup, no code changes!

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Logo for Epsagon

Automated monitoring & troubleshooting for serverless applications, using tracing and logging. Free tier available.

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Logo for IOpipe

IOpipe is a tool and service that helps you instrument and monitor your functions in dev and production. Free tier available for smaller projects.

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Logo for Serverless Framework PRO

The Serverless Framework provides powerful application metrics, with zero configuration required. It includes stacktraces, real-time alerts, notifications and more. Free tier available.

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Logo for Thundra

Their tagline: Full observability for AWS Lambda. Instrument and profile your functions with zero overhead. Gain visiblity to identify and resolve issues faster.

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