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You'll need cloud functions to work with their APIs, but these services are perfectly well suited for that.

Logo for Braintree


Braintree is owned by PayPal, so it is the one other payment service that can take PayPal. The appeal of Braintree is that it makes taking multiple forms of payments (e.g. credit cards and PayPal and Apple Pay, for example) much easier, and through just one set of APIs.

Logo for MoonClerk


A no-code-required solution for accepting recurring payments for stuff like digital products, gym memberships, dog walkers, etc.

Logo for PayPal


Something like PayPals very simple Buy Now buttons where you send users to PayPal's websites to buy things, and they are redirected back, are a good match for a static website.

Logo for Stripe


Probably the most beloved payment service out there, with good clean APIs for dealing with payments, customers, and subscriptions.

They even have nice checkout forms you can use, but you'll still need cloud functions to do all the secure API work.